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Andrew, how can I get ahold of you? I’d love to have you on my podcast to talk about a Catholic view of money and crypto. I run a small podcast called “Drew The Catholic”, and often have another friend who is a financial advisor on. I think we could all have a great discussion if you’re up for it.

Email me if you are: drew@drewloewen.com

- Drew

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I came here after seeing you on "Drew The Catholic". I have a lot of respect for Jacob Imam, but I agree that he's probably mistaken in his evaluation of Bitcoin. I appreciate New Polity's warnings of the dangers of the virtual world that is being constructed, and I applaud the community they are building in Steubenville. They may be pointing the way to a better future that doesn't include the Internet, but until we get there, we are working in an Internet world with a lot of problems, some of which appear to be solvable in the near future by Bitcoin. I think both the Steubenville and Bitcoin visions have a place in God's plan.

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Bravo, Andy. Would love to see Rochard or Hülsmann debate Imam on PWA. You’re doing yeoman’s work here, brother. Going to ask our priest to read.

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Indeed, I just posted this comment on the YouTube segment with Imam-

I think I see and can understand some of Jacob's points- but if he's for sound money, I need to hear more of what he envisions about what that would ideally look like. If BTC hits 90% of that ideal, and he's against it still, then it seems like it's a default vote for the status quo.

BTC takes a lot of power to secure, for sure- but the USD is secured by something like a dozen aircraft carriers and who knows how many nuclear submarines and the power projection implied there. That's a lot of electricity too. A lot.

Consider BTC not as an investment but as something people are opting into as an incorruptible medium of exchange.

I can only agree with him on the "pump and dump" scheming that seems endemic to crypto spaces- but also, there's a number of us who are viewing this as a BTC vs. crypto agreement there. Fiat money puts gasoline on the fire of monetary speculation.

Also, I love the cigar smoke waft over the camera.

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